Tenscores Saves Small Businesses Time and Money on Adwords

Why Adwords is a Great Value for Small Biz

If your business has a presence online, you’ve probably heard about Google Adwords, one of the most popular and powerful search engine marketing and pay-per-click tools out there. For small business specifically, Christian Nkurunziza, founder of Adwords tool Tenscores, explains, “The whole thing about Adwords is really knowing where to attract the right kind of traffic and understanding how to convert it into sales. Many small business owners don’t take the time to figure out where the low hanging fruit are and what to do to drive the quickest impact. ” Being successful on Google Adwords means getting your products or services in front of customers who are most likely to purchase. Christian warns,

“The only thing that could stop a small business from buying Adwords is if they don’t know what they are doing, then it becomes too expensive.”

There are lots of free internet marketing methods out there, but Google Adwords is not one of them. The payoffs can be huge, but if you want the biggest bang for your buck, you can’t just let it run itself. Christian comments that the biggest mistake businesses make is that, “most of them think that it’s easy and they underestimate the time that they have to invest in it to learn how it works. They just set it and forget it and they never realize that they are being penalized for the mistakes that they’re making. ” For many small businesses time and financial resources are limited, and yet every click counts. So, how do you make sure your Google Adwords budget is being used most efficiently?

What is Quality Score?

Google created the Quality Score metric to help them provide only the most relevant ads when someone searches on Google, to show them only the ads it believes are most likely to provide what the searcher is looking for. Quality Score is a way for Google to rate the user experience of an ad. The score is based on many factors including whether or not people found your ad relevant and clicked on it, the quality of your landing page.
Often, businesses are surprised to discover that they don’t receive a flood of traffic after publishing some Google Ads. One way this can be explained is with Quality Score. This metric is hidden by default in Google Adwords, and yet this number influences how much you pay for each click. Christian explains, “if you don’t know what Quality Score is and how it affects your costs there will always be some kind of a tax, some people call it the stupid tax. Most people aren’t even aware of what’s going on.” Healthy Quality Scores (7 or above) mean more traffic at a lower cost, higher ad positions, prominent site links and product extensions. At the same time, lower Quality Scores can mean higher costs, less exposure, and sometimes even get you kicked off of Adwords entirely.
So, now that you understand how important Quality Scores are, the first thing you have to do is track the performance of your keywords. The problem is, using the current Google Adwords interface you have no way of knowing how Quality Scores change in response to keyword performance. So how do you track how your keywords are doing over time? You don’t. How can you easily see which of your keywords have low Quality Scores? You can’t. And how to do you know how to raise your Quality Scores for your lower scoring keywords? Sorry, nope again.

Enter Tenscores

When you log into your Tenscores account, you instantly see your global score and how your Quality Scores are distributed across your account. You can see immediately if you’re doing well or not so well. If you’re not doing well, Tenscores will show you a list of tasks to complete in order to beef up your results with better Scores and cheaper traffic. Christian explains,

“This is one of the reasons why we actually built Tenscores, to structurally put it in people’s face that they’re being penalized for the mistakes that they make. Bringing Quality Scores out to them and making sure that they know what the quality of their advertising is and how much they’re losing by not improving it.”

You can also see how your Quality Scores have evolved over time since you joined, and how these higher scores have had an impact on your bottom line. Plus, Tenscores’ helpful educational material can teach you how to heal lower scoring keywords.
Christian reveals, “Before we built Tenscores, I was a Google Adwords consultant and the basic features that are in Tenscores, I used to compile them manually in an excel spreadsheet, it would take too much time and was a huge hassle. So my cofounder built an online tool that I could use, and I loved it. Then we put it online and people loved it too so we turned it into a business. To have the same information using Adwords could take you at least 2-3 hours every day like it used to for me.”
Many big companies have significant marketing budgets, but small businesses are often very limited in terms of funds for marketing so it’s good to know what you’re doing. This makes it even more important to use a tool like Tenscores to use every Adwords dollar most efficiently. Christian admits, “Our lowest plan is $25 a month, some people just tell us that it is too cheap. Those people are happy because they have very few keywords in Adwords, they don’t have to think about the cost when choosing Tenscores. Even so, they can reduce that cost by using Tenscores and figuring out the mistakes that they’re making and where they can improve results.”
Although some work is required, Tenscores lets you know what to do and how to do it that much easier. The company is always looking to improve the user experience as Christian explains, “We try to automate most of the tasks that people have to complete, but they still have to do something. The ideal situation would be for someone to just hit a button and have everything optimized like it was magic. We’re not there yet but we’ll get there… It’s our mission.”