Save 20% by switching...

Every IzzitGreen Member company that has chosen to switch to payment processing services from one of Izzit’s partner providers has saved at least 10% – and in many cases over 20% – on their overall payment processing fees.

About the Offering

IzzitGreen works with a select group of Payment Processing Providers to develop best-in-industry offerings for our members. Our providers understand that complexity and confusion are at the root of many unhappy payment servicing relationships, and have been selected by Izzit, in part, because of they approach the industry with a focus on flexibility, education, relationship building and openness with their loyal and growing client bases.

The Promise

  • Transparent & Simple Programs

    Izzit’s partners work to provide all clients with solutions that offer clear terms, easily understandable rates, and exceptional customer service.

  • Flexibility

    Our provider-partners offer coverage for all major credit and debit cards, payment types, terminal types and payment gateways for e-commerce, along with a range of wireless solutions for merchants on the go.

  • Industry-Specific Solutions

    With deep experience across a wide range of industries, at least one of Izzit’s partners is sure to offer a solution tailored to the unique needs of your business.

  • Mobile Solutions

    Our providers offer a wide range of mobile payment and point-of-sale solutions that can adapt to the ever-changing ways your business accepts payments.

  • Exceptional Reporting & Analytics

    The days of simple swiping and terminal reporting are over, so Izzit works with providers that specialize in helping your business understand an abundance of business trends, opportunities and insights for your business.

Why Payment Processing?

If your business accepts electronic payments, chances are payment processing fees are also a significant expense for your business. Izzit seeks these ‘big bucket’ opportunities for our Members to save their cash and earn greening rewards. It’s that simple.

Start saving thousands and earning great-green rewards now

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Example Member


New England's Premier Indoor Sporting Complex

IzzitGreen’s exceptional relationships with payment processing companies has enables ForeKicks to save $26,000 each year on payment processing fees – while also gaining simpler, more flexible terms with the provider.



Per Year



Izzit Bucks in Year 1


With large facilities and New England’s nasty climate outside, ForeKicks has invested heavily in LED lighting, energy saving systems and large solar arrays for each of their properties. ForeKicks uses their Izzit Rewards to help defray the costs of these investments.